What is a (gr)album?

a (Gr)album is a new way to present music. a new creative medium for collaboration, multimedia art and immersive storytelling. The (Gr)album platform allows musicians, artists, and storytellers to create a seamless interactive experience on touch devices.

Why (Gr)album?

Distinctions between media types are soooo 20th century. (Gr)album is a way to experience storytelling through art, art through music, and music through visuals. Big names like Björk and Lady Gaga have released innovative apps that combine visual elements with music in new and interactive ways. They want to give their fans a chance to dig deeper, to experience the music and the story immersively. But while these artists may have six and seven-figure budgets to invest in custom development, most artists can't afford to create an app from scratch. That's where (Gr)album comes in. (Gr)album is a versatile and affordable platform that enables the combining of music and art into a contemporary interactive form.

the (gr)album platform debuted in 2013 with the release of "book of sarth"

How do (Gr)albums work?

The (Gr)album experience unfolds for the user intuitively. They read like graphic novels, and can play like albums. Music, images, video and text are seamlessly joined into an interactive medium specifically created for touch devices, such as iPhones and iPads. The platform was designed to immediately and intuitively respond to interaction. Viewers can sit back to listen and watch the (Gr)album play, or they can touch, pinch, and swipe as they guide the experience.

For Musicians

Anyone familiar with the current state of the music industry can tell you it is ripe for a new paradigm. Despite the digital revolution, musicians from all strata of the industry are frustrated with the lack of opportunities and revenue. Fans will never be compelled to pay for mp3s that are easily streamed or downloaded for free. Enter the (Gr)album. A new music platform that integrates music and visual art into a tactile, interactive experience ... think of (Gr)album as the digital age's answer to bringing home an LP from your favorite record store. Streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora are poised to dominate the passive listening market, growing astronomically as traditional music sales decline. But there is a void when it comes to the active listening experience. Purchasing a (Gr)album means the artist gets paid directly, with just a small percentage covering (Gr)album development costs. In this way, musicians, artists and fans connect on a much deeper level. If you would like to create a (gr)album based on your music, give us a shout.

For Artists

The (Gr)album experience can be thought of as a virtual gallery installation. Rather than static images or linear video, (Gr)album allows the user to explore the virtual installation, experiencing interdependent visual and audio work. Video, still images, text, music and audio material can be combined in many different ways according to the artist's vision. The content is in layers: an audio playlist, and a series of visual experiences which can be navigated by the user and played back as a slideshow, movie, animation or any combination of these formats.

For Storytellers

(Gr)album is a non-linear medium that can be used to tell stories dynamically. It can be synced to music and other audio, playing back like a movie, or it can unfold asynchronously, allowing the user to explore at their own pace, as with a graphic novel. These elements can be combined within a given work, allowing the author plenty of options to mix traditional storytelling with post-modern interactivity. Experience a (gr)album today by downloading the (gr)album app.

How do I make one?

Making a (Gr)album is straightforward. The platform is built specifically to allow musicians, artists, and storytellers to build from the materials they know and love. Instead of chasing trends with generative visuals and algorithmic music, traditional media is assembled into dynamic layers. At root, an audio playlist, just like a traditional musical album. Next, images, animation, text, and video are arranged into groupings of sequences or non-linear experiences. Finally, user paths through the content and interactions are defined.

The result is an immersive experience unique to the individual user without reinventing the process of content creation. (Gr)albums were designed to unleash the power of great creative minds. We are connecting musicians, writers and artists and using our platform to help bring these combined talents to new generation of viewers.

Where can I get one?

The (gr)album app is currently available in the App Store. It's a free download of a gallery format, with each of the individual titles available for in-app purchase. the future of music is at your fingertips. put your headphones on.